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Hyper-Personalized Cold Email Outreach

BluBird uses a personalized, data-driven approach that references thousands of successful B2B email campaigns. We bring warm responses directly to your inbox.

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Cold Email Outreach
Cold Email Outreach
Lead Generation

Book higher quality sales calls

99% of sales teams are struggling. They use a "shotgun approach" of spraying emails and cold calling with the hope they get a reply. There is no concept of follow-up, cadence, or proper targeting.

The struggle is real... let us help you.


Supercharge your lead generation!

We increase your business revenue using hyper-personalized cold email outreach.

By finding your targeted customer and booking a meeting.

Cold Email Outreach

We will find your ideal clients via cold email outreach campaigns.

Warm Leads

We identify your exact, targeted customer and bring warm leads.

Specialized Processes

Our processes have been refined after launching hundreds of campaigns.

Custom Built Lists

Our email lists are never recycled or reused, the focus is on you.

CRM Integration

We will work with whatever CRM you use so that your team gets notified.

Detailed Research

Once we know your ideal prospect, we will do what is required to find them.

Want to 10x your outreach and increase your pipeline?

Our solution

Email outreach is our specialty

Our focus is on email. By focusing on this we can truly say we are some of the best of the best. Let us demonstrate this by bringing you qualified leads.

Cold Email

Cold Email Outreach is our focus point and this is what we excel at.

High Open Rates

Open rates are important when contacting customers.

Consistent Results

Email takes determination to master, test, and gain consistent open rates.


Our processes work

Email is not a regional skill, it is something that everyone uses. From the moment a new employee starts a job, they get an email. We know how to contact them.

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Get warm leads from email


Our work didn’t go unnoticed in the world

Our service is in high demand and we intend to continue growing and expanding our capabilities.

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We know how to solve any situation differently

We are problem solvers. As former military officers, this is what we excel at.

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We do lead generation
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About Us

We are a veteran owned businessWe find warm leadsWe are a veteran owned business

We are aVeteran owned business

We are a group of veteran military officers that transitioned into B2B Sales and who now do cold email outreach full time.

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Veteran owned lead generation business
Warm leads on demand

We help businesses grow with email outreach

Our passion is to take our skills and help others benefit. Through email outreach we have helped businesses crush their goals and expand their horizons.

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Leads on demandVeteran owned businessEmail outreach

Our services are in high demand

In the business world, a "blue bird" is when an unexpected, very profitable sale that you hardly worked for falls into your lap. Our mission is to deliver "blue bird" deals so you can focus on growth.

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We are people-focused

Paul Jones

Account Executive


Check the success story of our clients

These are the testimonials that our clients have left. If you need their contacts just let us know.

These guys are the real deal. Very professional, dedicated with great follow up.

Leslie Alexander
Founder and CEO

BluBird partners saved my ass. Being in charge of a large company has enough work.

Why worry about sales.

Marvin McKinney
Founder and CEO

Extremely professional, prior to using this service we were honestly struggling.

Would recommend!

Courtney Henry
Founder and CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you only do Email outreach?

Yes! This is our specialty, our golden hen if you will. We don't focus on trying to manage multiple lead funnels by instead, specializing in email.

The results speak for themselves.

Do you help small business?

Yes! We help businesses of all sizes, our primary focus is on quality. Matching the identification of the ideal customer with the product or service is the most important aspect. Once we identify this the size of the business does not matter and smaller companies can only go up.

Can you help my business grow?

Chances are, yes we can help you grow. This primarily depends on you and how you operate and if you are willing to work within the parameters we request, like setting up email, helping us identify your ideal customer, and focusing your offer.

Why BluBird?

In the business world, a "blue bird" is when an unexpected, very profitable sale that you hardly worked for falls into your lap. Our mission is to deliver those deals to you on demand.

How do you calculate cost of services?

Our cost of service is calculated by the level of difficulty and time estimated to set appointments and bring in the leads. We will calculate during our first discovery call.

What are your rates?

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Our rates very depending on the agreement with each client. We work from charging a flat fee for appointments that are set, and revenue share. We also have some clients that pay both a retainer fee and a fee per appointment.

We would discuss all of this during our first discovery call.

Custom cold email outreach


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